Who Are We

who we are

At Universal Martial Arts Academy in Chandigarh, all instructors are especially prepared to take care of the training of their students. From teaching little Tigers and children to training young people and adults, teaching at Universal Martial Art Academy brings the best of the world of martial arts through current methods and always with a great pedagogical passion.

Universal Martial Arts Academy is a school of life

In a society where everything seems to be at a distance of a click, at Universal Martial Art Academy, we seek to teach universal values in a way appropriate to our time and present and future challenges. We talk about values such as perseverance, surpassing oneself, or helping one another, for example.

  • Perseverance: to want to rise in rank while knowing that it will require passion and dedication.

  • The surpassing of oneself: to execute techniques which yesterday seemed impossible.

  • Caring: knowing that during the course there is always someone ready to help, a student, an instructor or even the parents.

All are values that will be cemented at the academy during the daily training but that we will help to transpose in their personal life.

It, is not enough for us to train students who can give fantastic kicks and perform effective defenses.

We claim, above all, to form winners in life and true leaders.

And that's why Universal Martial Arts Academy is a real school of life

Specific Workouts

To find out more about specific workouts for your age group or your children's category, follow the links below.

  • Workouts for Tigers ( ages 4 to 7) and Kids ( ages 7 to 13).

  • Workouts for Youth (13 to 18 years old).

  • Workouts for Adults (over 18 years old).