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Martial Arts For Adults

Do you want to know why are physically and mentally realizing adult courses at the universal martial arts academy

Dear adults, at Universal Martial Arts Academy, we have specific training for adults. The adult hours are mainly early in the morning,/evening. For this specific group of over 18s, there are 2 major programs: Karate, Warrior Fitness. For each program, although each has specific characteristics, there are two elements that are common to all:

  • The sharing of values we teach and share at the academy as the discipline, the respect, self-esteem, honesty, communication, and belief;

  • and fitness, since in all adult training there is a special focus on the physical condition of our students.

  • Sharing the values mentioned above is what identifies us as an academy and it is common for us to challenge our students with exercises that address these values.

The training, independently of the program, is 1 hour, always with great intensity, in a lively atmosphere and invigorating mentally and physically.

Warrior Fitness

  • Recently, Universal Martial Arts Academy has launched a new program for adult fitness.

  • Martial Arts classes are completely physical-focused workouts and are perfect workouts for burning calories and toning the body.

  • Below is a table where you can better understand the differences between these three programs and choose the one that best suits your needs and aspirations..

Whatever your choice, come try!

Would You Like To Try Our Workout Program?

  • Adult classes are like that.

  • As we often hear, these are strands that make adults feel young again.

  • These are classes where they recover their physical form, they gain agility and flexibility, and, equally important, they are moments of mental decompression.

  • This is true for both Karate and Warrior Fitness classes.

  • In all these programs, there will be a demand for physical and mental resistance.

  • And in anyone, we will test the limits, but never go beyond.

  • The important thing is physical and mental well-being. In and out of class.

  • So, if you want to try a course, click on the button below and we will contact you as soon as possible to set up a fantastic cardio workout.

Come Try One Of These Courses, Without Any Compromise.


Karate is one of the oldest martial arts. Its origin dates back to the island of Okinawa, in Japan, and the literal meaning of the word 'Karate' is 'the path of the empty hand' since its practitioners do not use weapons for fighting, only their own hands and feet.

There are multiple benefits of karate for children. And as? Practicing a sport will always be beneficial for children. Within this broad-spectrum, karate stands out because it promotes positive attitudes. It is one of the oldest sports practices in the world. There are many benefits of karate for children, from discipline and values to developing self-confidence, tolerance, patience and responsibility.


Warrior Fitness is a training program to burn calories and tone the body through the combination of high-intensity interval training and kickboxing techniques. This program is the ideal workout for who wants to be fit. It will always test their limits against fatigue, the need for adaptation and the stress of a real scenario. Training is physically demanding to ensure that students feel as strong and confident as they look.