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Martial Arts For Children’s

Why Universal Martial Arts Academy Is So Much More Than A Martial Arts Academy For Kids And Parents

  • Dear parents, your children are in a phase of spectacular growth.

  • These are daily conquests, new discoveries, new fears and fears, new challenges, new learning.

  • It's a new world of emotion, Everyday.

  • Not only for children but often for the parents themselves.

Protect Your Children From Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones

In the age of technology, more and more children seem to have a mobile phone or tablet attached to their hands throughout the day. And while this has been a great help to parents, most believe that it is better for children to go out and stay active.

If you're a parent looking for a new way for your kids to be active, think about martial arts classes. It will not only provide your children with excellent physical activity but also important life lessons.

At Universal Martial Arts Academy, We Have A Very Great Passion With Regard To The Training Of Our Children.

And it is through martial arts in a very fun but highly educational training sessions that we try, above all, to teach the fundamental values for the training of our children.

The physical and technical part of the martial arts is always present and, during the training, of an ever dynamic form we have the ideal space to teach values such as discipline, honesty, conviction, respect, communication and self-esteem. And it is these values that will make our children real leaders.

As much in their personal life as professionals.

It is clear that we are proud to have formed Indian champions and a world champion in our academy.

But more than that, we are proud to help and contribute to the formation of fantastic, upright, respectful children who believe in themselves and who know very well what they must do to be victors in life.

More than a martial arts academy, the Universal Martial Art Academy is a real school of life!

You Would Like Your Child To Join Our Academy?

If you are interested and curious, we would love to invite you to come and take an introductory course in one of our academies.

These introductory courses, on their own, are a moment of great animation that will allow you to better perceive the whole pedagogical component we are talking about.

  • And do not forget your laptops because it will be worth doing some movies.

  • At least at the time of the board!

  • In this age group of children, we have two large age groups.

  • The Tigers children from 4 to 7 years.

  • And the kids all kids from 7 to 13 years old.

  • Come try! It will be worth it.