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Martial Arts For Children’s

It is not a secret that our country faces a delicate crime situation. Every day we hear stories of people who were assaulted, raped, kidnapped or killed. These are the reasons for your daughter to learn self-defense.

Logically, you are worried that your daughter will be alone on the street. You cannot accompany her everywhere and it would be absurd that you would like to have her locked up so that nothing happens to her. So, why not enroll her in staff defense classes?

In fact, we can give you several reasons for both you and your daughter to learn some defense techniques that allow them to react quickly and be safe if they are victims of any aggression.

Reasons For Your Daughter To Learn Self Defense - Martial Art

Block attacks. The main objective of self-defense is to block an attack, improve reflexes and counterattack. From the first lessons, your daughter will learn some maneuvers to free herself from a key or strangulation.

Freeze. Since it is not enough to free yourself, your daughter will also learn techniques to subdue and immobilize her aggressor. In fact, not only will they teach you the right way to hit and kick without hurting yourself, but they will show you the points where you must attack to decimate the offender.

Physical training. Learning self-defense or some martial art will help your daughter strengthen and tone her body. Your physical and emotional health will improve, in addition to having more energy to perform your daily tasks.

Anxiety. It is proven that this type of training reduces stress and calms anxiety. By being aware that you can defend yourself, your daughter conquers her fears and can enjoy every moment of her life, without worrying about the environment.

Violence. As with martial arts, self-defense techniques help maintain control in situations that normally take us to the limit, making it less violent. In fact, experts recommend that children and adolescents practice this discipline, as it helps in the formation of personality and character.

Prevention. The techniques your daughter will learn will help prevent attacks. Remember that criminals study their victims and prefer to attack those who are fearful and fragile. If your daughter knows self-defense, her body language will change and she will be less likely to suffer aggression. In addition, all lessons are taught to avoid suspicious situations and attitudes.

As you can see, everyone should learn Martial Art. In fact, age is not an obstacle, because there are even instructors for older adults.

What Does Self Defense Mean?

To understand why it is important to take Martial Art classes, it is essential to understand what this implies. Self defense is first and foremost a training. The courses are designed to give everyone the ability to master the techniques necessary to defend themselves. They are intended to be applied when you are the target of a criminal act or willful violence.

There will always be thieves who want to take what is not theirs and people who want to hurt or humiliate others. When you practice self-defense, you have the tools to protect yourself from danger. More concretely, self-defense refers to the use of force in a reasonable way in the face of an attacker. There are many reasons why a person decides to use it. In particular to protect his person, his family, his property or any other person against an attempt of attack or an external threat.

From a legal point of view, the practice of self-defense is tolerated. Indeed, Martial Art justifies a preventive action taken in the reasonable legitimacy of immediate danger without any recoil and violence especially in case of provocation. According to a universally accepted principle, a person can effectively protect himself from harm in appropriate circumstances, even when that behavior would normally constitute a crime. The specific rules on self-defense, however, vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

What Is Not Self Defense?

Self-defense is not just for people with some physical strength. Nor is it a wish to hurt another person. It's all about following your natural instinct for survival and protection. This is not about being violent, but about finding a pragmatic solution to a real problem.

For those who are concerned, self-defense classes are not intense physical training regimen. It's an "education" and not a training camp. Moreover, self-defense is not about training for a fight. It's not for a specific event, at a specific time and place against a known opponent by following a set of rules. The sessions prepare you to react well when you least expect it. The threat can happen at any time, usually when you are distracted or when you feel weak. You will face an unknown number of opponents without any rules. But, unlike a fight in a ring, you do not need to win, but to survive and that's what self-defense classes aspire to.

In addition, taking Martial Art courses does not mean that you are now a "fighter". It is not because you have followed intense training that you are self-sufficient. It's not because you've learned from the best instructor that you can survive on the street. It is not because you have studied a self-proclaimed self-defense system that you are a merciless streetfighter. These traits are not conferred on you simply because you have formed.

What Principles For Self-Defense?

There are five principles or rules for any training for defense and crime prevention. They include guidelines that, when properly integrated, are the most comprehensive and effective method of personal protection. All five fit together like a puzzle. Once combined, the pieces create a clearer and more dynamic image. In the same way, these principles form a fundamental framework and guiding doctrine that combines with multiple disciplines for decisive protection against crime once brought together.

So, the best way to defend yourself is to follow the following five rules:

  • Examine the crime from the author's point of view: how, why, and why the act is an offense?

  • Develop the most viable options.

  • Integrate the mind-body-spirit relationship into effective combat strategies and tactics practiced in concrete training.

  • Become aware of yourself, your environment and potential suspects to avoid all dangers.

When the elements of each principle are properly connected, the most comprehensive and effective means are achieved for crime prevention, personal safety, adrenaline control and overall well-being.

Self-Defense Workshops For Women And Girls

Now we all know that Martial art is the best form of defense! Martial art trainers and groups are shocked by the horrific gang-rape cases. For this reason we are offering self-defense classes for working women and college girls. Visit us and join us today to keep your loved one safe.